Data Drenaline holds the following Certifications

Data Drenaline was started in 2021 after 25 years of working for large IT corporations. Since 1995 I have helped large customers design and install large scale networks spanning 1000’s of nodes, IP Telephony systems, Video Conferencing and Control systems, and most recently cloud services.


What we do

Data Drenaline works to implement IT solutions and services on behalf of our customers right the first time. We design and build on premise networks, storage backup, and cloud architectures. Data Drenaline also will build and host static websites for small to medium buisnesses for a small monthly charge as part of an overal IT solutions environment.

Consulting and Professional Services

Data Drenaline has had more than 25 years of consulting experience in the IT space from small IT shops to Large Enterprises. Let Data Drenaline be your virtual CIO to advise and guide you in building and consuming IT services that will help your business grow without becoming a burdon.